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  •   him. He slid his middle finger into her wet pussy and filled her. She loved sucking cock it made her wet when she had his cock in her mouth. His cock was just large enough to feel great everyday but not so large it hurt. As she sucked on his cock, she heard him take in a deep breath and start to growl deep inside of his chest, she knew that was the first sign of him coming. His grip on her head became more firm and tighter and he started to pump her pussy deeper with his finger. She felt the head of his cock swell and she knew he was about to release his thick cum. He arched his back to push his cock deeper into her mouth and growled loudly. She started sucking harder now and was rewarded by the release of his juice into her mouth, she loved the way his cum tasted and loved the power it gave her to get him off this way. He watched her swallow the last of his cum and lick her lips. She slid up to his mouth and they kissed he could taste the faint taste of his juice and didn˘t care. It rape comix was time to please his play toy. He slid down her body and licked at her nipples, he pinched one and licked the other,as his play toy liked her nipples pulled and twisted and her pleaser was all too happy to give her what she wanted if it suited him. He slid his hand down and cupped her mound letting his long finger slid between her lips and entering into her sweet pussy. She arched her back and let the jolts of electricity from his touch run through her. He continued to finger her pussy and suck on her tits alternating between nibbling and licking. Her pussy was dripping wet now and she couldn˘t wait for him to put his face between her legs and eat her. She pushed him towards her heat and he got the idea. She wanted to be pleased and feel him making her come. He slid between her legs and lightly licked at her clit. She pushed her pussy towards his mouth but he moved back. She was going to get off but it would be at his pace, not hers. She was going wild with desire and she couldn˘t
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    rape comixrape comix get him to get her off. She needed release now, and the more she wanted it the more he teased her. She had her eyes closed and was concentrating on the feelings coming from her wet pussy. Her breathing was becoming more ragged and her heart was beating harder in her chest. She opened her eyes and looked down on him, he had looked up at her and smiled, and his blue eyes were shining as he had a mouth full of her pussy. He sucked on her clit and slid his tongue deeply into her pussy. He was about to grant her the release she so desperately desired. He slid a finger into her ass and slid another finger into her wet box. He rubbed the spot inside of her that made her explode, and explode she did, her juices flowing over his hand and down her ass adding more lube to his finger in her ass. He looked up with his blue eyes and watched his love and play toy go through another great orgasm. She flopped on the bed and grabbed at the sheets, bunching them up in her hands. Her orgasm tore through

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